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A bit of Bali in the front yard

Out the front, the pond has been completed and everything has come into a state of balance. The water is clear, and the fish are breeding like mad. Most of the surface is covered by a pond weed that takes up extra nutrients in the water and provides a source of food for the fish so I only feed them every few days.
The water weed has other uses. Along with the inevitable pond slime or mud that gathers on the bottom, I have a ready supply of material for the compost bin or that I can apply straight to the garden beds. It’s easy to tell when a system is in balance because everything thrives. Not only have the fish doubled in number, I’ve spotted all sorts of creatures on and in the pond. The latest was a tiny green tree frog. It’s also great to have an enclosed courtyard because the cane toads can’t get in!













The fish are happy, I’m happy! Who wouldn’t be with wonderful sound of trickling water and a great place to sit and unwind the stresses of the day. Often its the simple things in life that make a difference. In our modern busy lives its sometimes easy to forget that being surrounded by beautiful things and having nature right in front of us can increase our enjoyment of life many fold. Perhaps we all try in our own way to make our homes and gardens more beautiful and enjoyable plalces to be. Some may be put off by the amount of effort required to achieve this, yet it is the very effort with this creative endeavour that you will savour for years to come. I offer consultations to help sort out what needs doing, along with a map of step by step processes. If you can follow a map you can make a garden….and if you’re going to the effort of making a garden…let’s make it beautiful!


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