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About Lyn

Hello, I’m Lyn Ruming and I have lived in Byron Shire on the North Coast of NSW for more than 27 years. In 2003 I completed a TAFE course “Principles of Garden Design”   which was instrumental in combining the various skills and knowledge I had acquired over the course of my life. I love plants, gardens and the natural world and designing gardens is something that I really enjoy.

I grew up in country NSW and a long way from the ocean and now I cannot imagine being away from it for more than a few days. My parents introduced me to gardening when I was quite small. I remember planting tiny seeds and running out every day to see how they were growing. To my great disappointment those first seeds turned out to be radishes. Not at all what my young palate was seeking.

My grandfather was a keen gardener and lover of birds. He would always have fresh beans, luscious tomatoes, sweet corn and beautiful flowers. I owe my fascination with birds and gardens largely to him. My garden is quite small but surprisinly spacious and I love my vegie patch. The tiny space produces an abundance of lettuce, herbs, chinese greens, spinach and of course beans. Lots of birds and lizards visit the garden and it pretty much takes care of itself. gardenia

‘Design is largely about solving problems……….. and it’s also a lot more than that.’

I’ve lived on acreage as well as in town so I can relate to most experiences of north coast living. I’m down to earth, very practical and I love Nature. I’m a fairly private person myself so I recognise that it is an honour to be invited into your home and garden. We’re all unique, with different likes and dislikes, and I will use my extensive knowledge to help create spaces that satisfy your needs. I know first hand what a difference the right environment can make and I’d like to share that with everyone.

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I’m always happy to talk about Gardens and Feng Shui and to help you work out if I’m the right person to assist you. Occasionally I can even resolve an issue over the phone. So if you have any questions about your home or garden please do give me a call. I’m also accepting crypto currencies as payment in 2018. Please contact me for further information.

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