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April and May were relatively dry months for us on the north coast and many people took advantage of the dry weather to renovate their outdoor spaces. Some lucky ones were able to get work completed before the winter rains and others are still waiting for the rain to stop so that projects can be finished.

camelliaToday I had the good fortune to visit a garden that had a number of well established Camellia trees. Delicate whites flushed with pink, shades of magenta and the softest pale pink. They are wonderful flowers to pop into a vase and bring a delicate beauty into the home. I feel inspired to plant them, even though I have limited space. They respond well to pruning and can remain quite compact if cut back regularly. It is certainly a treat to be able to pick flowers from your own garden.
Camellias are fairly easy to care for and respond with an abundance of stunning blooms.



A single flower is a visual treat that can take ones breath away.



I have spent more time in other peoples gardens than I have in my own in recent times and I love the way every garden is different. Renovating a wild overgrown garden has its own rewards and can be full of surprises once you start eliminating weeds and rampant runaway plants. Winter is a great time for tackling any hard work in the garden as days are often sunny and you can accomplish a great deal without overheating. It’s also good for planting herbs, lettuce and chinese greens in that empty pot near the kitchen door. Many of us spend more time at home during the Winter than the warmer months, so take a fresh look at your space and plant something edible. If you plant seedlings they don’t require a lot of work and you will be eating greens within a few weeks. Once you’ve picked parsley, rocket or lettuce from your own garden (or pot) and tasted the difference, you will want to grow greens all year round. Who knows, with peak oil on the horizon, our very survival may depend on growing some food in our backyard.

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