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Chinese Gardens in the ‘Year of the Rat’

7th February, 2008
Today is Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Rat! I have just returned home after a week in Sydney helping out on a Fundraiser for a dear friend. I donated one of my Lamps for the Auction, and was delighted that it had such a wide appeal.  Bidding was brisk and the Lamp went home with the highest bidder. She telephoned a couple of days later to tell me how much she loves it!

leaning on a pine treecarplotus pods

I found time to visit the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour and was delighted to find a space of calm beauty in the midst of the city. It’s quite special to be able to climb a rocky hill and get pine sap on your hands and then sit quietly beside the lotus pond with its’ abundance of Carp, only minutes from the city.

lotus pondmoongate

Back in Byron it seems the week of rain has nurtured a new crop of weeds, and so I have an hour or so of “meditative weeding” to keep me busy. Thank goodness I have a low maintenance garden!

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