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Day Spa is a sub tropical oasis

A few weeks ago I visited a sub tropical oasis.  This amazing Day Spa is hidden from the world and is an oasis in the midst of sub-tropical wilderness.
(Please contact me if you would like further information about it.)
I’m mentioning it because I really enjoy visiting gardens and spaces that are inspiring in some way.

spa pool IMG_4987IMG_4982



spa entrance



In the sub-tropics is important to get things right when it comes to landscaping.  If you don’t, you will be forever battling against the forces of Nature and I know who will win out in the end. Gardening in the sub tropics takes time to understand because it’s not like anywhere else. You need to recognise the powerful growth patterns of plants and the seasonal demands. Nature is unrelenting in her growth cycles and its best to work with her, not struggle against her.

Apart from this Day Spa being a lovely relaxing escape from the world it has many examples of good garden design.  You can relax in the pool with distant views of Mt Warning or sit on a rock and listen to birds, all without feeling too overwhelmed by the Nature surrounding you.

Plants are spaced correctly, not overcrowding each other and allowing each to follow its own growth habit.  It’s great to see sensible plantings of bamboo. There are surprises around every corner. The paths are curved and encourage exploration.  Best of all it all looks quite effortless.  This is not easy to do in the sub-tropics where you can literally watch the grass grow in the summer months.

I’m planning another visit soon, this time with a bunch of friends and a picnic lunch.
Perhaps I’ll try a short video next time.
When you find something good to share….it’s good to share!


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