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‘Design is largely about solving problems…………’

Today as I was reading a book loaned to me by a friend, I had an epiphany.  As I answered some questions posed within the book I realised one of my greatest skills is problem solving. Sure I love plants and helping people create beauty.  I love being in calm, beautiful homes and gardens….and I love solving problems that turn an average garden or home into a thing of beauty. The thing about Design, whether it is a garden, a home renovation or an office is that often a truly great solution comes from addressing the elephant in the room (or garden).

“Oh, I’d love a pool/deck/lawn/quiet nook…….but I can’t get rid of THAT!”

That’s right…theres an elephant standing there in plain sight that can’t be moved. But that’s where I come in. There’s a problem in getting what you want because of the immoveable object and so instead of putting it in the too hard basket you call in a Designer.

In the course of a Consultation, you learn that you can not only have it all but that it will be even more special because of that elephant!!!! To me that’s what good Design is all about.  Taking into consideration all the limitations, the clients taste and style, the wish list, the budget and coming up with a solution that satisfies all those things. This makes me happy!


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