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Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been used for hundreds of  years to create a sense of balance and harmony in our environments as well as attract positive healing energy. It literally means “wind and water” and if you can imagine either wind or water moving through your home and garden you will gain a basic understanding of the energy flow in your home.

Feng Shui can also help to identify areas that are problematic and provide solutions to get things moving again.  It’s no secret that rectangular buildings have stagnant corners as this is the place where cobwebs, dirt and grime start building up. A good place to start is a thorough Spring clean and some decluttering. Feng Shui recognises that the quality of our living space is a reflection of our inner state of mind and quality of life so the changes you make will flow out into other areas of your life.





Lyn’s  Feng Shui Consultations have helped many clients….


  • furniture arrangement
  • selecting paint colours for interior and exterior
  • design kitchen and home renovations that clients are delighted with
  • prepare properties for sale so they sell quickly
  • pre-purchase inspections when buying property to help choose the best one for you
  • design gardens & courtyards using feng shui principles
  • create a sense of spaciousness by linking home & garden
  • launch & streamline a business (home, office , retail)
  • organise the layout of shopfronts to attract more customers
  • facilitate de-cluttering if letting go of “stuff” is challenging
  • space clearing/energy clearing to lift the energy after a death, divorce or illness
  • assist clients to help deal with hoarding tendencies
  • innovative storage options when space is limited
  • make renovation decisions easier when there are opposing viewpoints
  • layout suggestions when still in the planning stages of  building
  • recognized by Real Estate Agents as extremely beneficial when selling a property


Stalled renovation gets kickstart…. “Six months into my renovation I stalled over some issues that I had insufficient experience to figure out. Nothing looked right to me. I couldn’t decide on a colour palette, window treatments , flooring for a bedroom or even begin to address the landscaping. Lyn was recommended to me and during the 2 hour Feng Shui consultation she was able to resolve all these issues. Lyn helped me decide on a colour palette that I am thrilled with. Her landscaping recommendations were invaluable. She made a number of excellent suggestions as to how to tackle things both in the short term and also over a longer timeframe. All this gave me the impetus I needed to continue with enthusiasm. In future, were I to renovate again, I would consult with her before beginning any project as her expertise saved me both time and expense. I can highly recommend Lyn to anyone.”

Tracey F (Murwillumbah)

Only ONE day to prepare for Auction…. “Recently I found myself in the position of only having one day to prepare my property before going to Auction.  Lyn’s professionalism and “can do” attitude made this job simple. Lyn has a keen eye for detail and a luscious sense of space and can really make a property “shine”. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to go to Auction or putting their property up for sale!”

Kathy D (The Channon)

Feng Shui Energy Clearing works! ” I was having problems attracting a housemate.  Lyn’s practical approach helped to create shifts in the energy and a new housemate very quickly. I consulted with her again some 12 months later when I was renovating. Her solutions (both inside and outside) were simple, practical, beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive. I highly recommend her Services!”

Daniella F  (Byron Bay)

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