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What clients are saying:

Stalled renovation gets kickstart….

“Six months into my renovation I stalled over some issues that I had insufficient experience to figure out. Nothing looked right to me. I couldn’t decide on a colour palette, window treatments , flooring for a bedroom or even begin to address the landscaping. Lyn was recommended to me and during the 2 hour Feng Shui consultation she was able to resolve all these issues. Lyn helped me decide on a colour palette that I am thrilled with. Her landscaping recommendations were invaluable. She made a number of excellent suggestions as to how to tackle things both in the short term and also over a longer timeframe. All this gave me the impetus I needed to continue with enthusiasm. In future, were I to renovate again, I would consult with her before beginning any project as her expertise saved me both time and expense. I can highly recommend Lyn to anyone.”

Tracey F (Murwillumbah)


Only ONE day to prepare for Auction….

“Recently I found myself in the position of only having one day to prepare my property before going to Auction. Lyn’s professionalism and “can do” attitude made this job simple. Lyn has a keen eye for detail and a luscious sense of space and can really make a property “shine”. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to go to Auction or putting their property up for sale!”

Kathy D (The Channon)


Feng Shui Energy Clearing works!

” I was having problems attracting a housemate. Lyn’s practical approach helped to create shifts in the energy and a new housemate very quickly. I consulted with her again some 12 months later when I was renovating. Her solutions (both inside and outside) were simple, practical, beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive. I highly recommend her Services!”

Daniella F (Byron Bay)