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Feng Shui and Energy Clearing/Space Clearing

Did you know “first impressions” are energetic and everything that happens in a building is recorded in the etheric layers of it’s walls, furnishings and structural components. Energy imprints accumulate over time and can cause a space to feel very “full”. Buildings don’t distinguish between good and bad energy, they just record the feelings of the occupants. Because strong emotions are embedded into walls, furniture, personal belongings and people it is wise to clear the energy in your home and office before it builds up and makes life uncomfortable.

How can I clear my space?

Our ancestors cleansed their homes every year and they called it “spring cleaning”. It is most effective to do both physical and energy clearing at the same time, as both processes support each other and will create a change that is long lasting. Energy clearing is a step up from cleaning in that it helps remove stale energy and revitalises your home environment.
You can do it with the help of a Practitioner or you can do it alone with an Energy Clearing Kit.

The kit contains instructions and all the items necessary to do a number of thorough clearing rituals, so you can have fun with it.
The instructions also include suggestions for ongoing maintenance of the newly cleared space. The kit will be available once I have a shopfront operating, however in the meantime please telephone or email if you would like one.

Feng Shui Energy Clearing is a powerful way to surround yourself with supportive, nurturing energy and keep your home clear. It helps to create a feeling of spaciousness and opens us up to new possibilities.

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