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Garden Design

Gardens are always evolving and it really helps to start with a good garden design.  Of course gardens require the right sort of attention to keep them looking their best but its worth the effort as it not only enhances the value of your property but also adds enormously to your quality of life. A beautiful garden is an asset which you enjoy every time you arrive home.

It’s always a good time for a garden design consultation.

It makes perfect sense when you buy a property whether you are starting from scratch or renovating. If the house is new your yard will be pretty much a clean slate and it’s important to get the bones of garden right. If you’ve moved into a house with an existing garden that has been neglected or isn’t quite to your taste or style a garden consultation can help sort out how to tackle it, as ripping everything out is not always the way to go. Acreage is a very different situation and requires good solutions so you don’t become a slave to the property. Moving into a unit, duplex or small house is another opportunity to tease a garden out of a small space that will add to your enjoyment of your new home. Whatever your situation, Lyn can help you create a garden design which makes good use of the available space and which reflects your style and personality.

We all have different needs, likes and dislikes.  It doesn’t matter whether you know what you want or have very little idea. Lyn specialises in finding a design that is uniquely suited to you. It will reflect your preferences and desires as well as taking into consideration existing plants and structures and the budget. Your garden should be filled with plants and features that you love.   Because Lyn has an extensive knowledge of plants and how they behave in the sub-tropics as well as a keen understanding of all other aspects of landscaping,  she has helped many people establish gardens that they love.

Our sub tropical climate favours the integration of  house and garden so having a knowledge of Feng Shui can be a huge advantage when designing a garden. Increasingly clients are realising they can benefit in many ways from booking a Feng Shui Consultation, a Garden Design Consultation and sometimes a blend of the two.

” It’s only small, more of a courtyard than a garden”

The smaller the space, the more important the layout and selection of plants. With small spaces there is a need to keep a sense of spaciousness so that you don’t feel crowded out as plants grow larger. Small gardens and courtyards can be challenging but also the very rewarding to design and implement. With the overall trend towards smaller and smaller gardens these spaces are often neglected, yet they can still provide you with a nourishing place to connect with Nature.

linear garden design“What about a PLAN to follow?”

It’s great to have a plan to follow so you can stay on track. So YES….I’ll draw up a rough plan that has all those little details recorded so you have something to jog your memory or to show a contractor a few months down the track. It helps to have a breakdown of what needs doing and guidelines to help you get the work done.  It makes the project manageable so it’s not too overwhelming. I’m also happy to take your call should you need to brainstorm some aspect of the plan down the track.

“I have some ideas about what I’d like…”

I’m there to be your sounding board as well as make suggestions, so you will end up with a garden that you love. Discussing your ideas with someone who is knowledgeable and who pays attention to the details can be really helpful. Often the discussion will yield  creative solutions that you may not have thought of.   Your garden is a place to create exactly what YOU want and I’m there to help you attain it.

“How will it save me money?”

You’ll save money on plants because you’ll buy the right plants and the right number of plants so you won’t end up with more plants than you need. You will also know which aspects of the work you can do yourself and those you may need help with.  You will have those important details recorded so you can brief tradesmen and keep the job on track. When you have a clear idea of what you want you have a much better chance of getting just what you want.

What’s involved in a Garden Design Consultation?images-23

During the consultation I look at the space with fresh eyes and take into consideration everything on your wish list. We will walk around the property to get an overall feel of what you have and talk about your ideas and how you use your garden. If you are working on a tight budget I can help you get clear about what is most important and prioritise the work to be done. Gardens are constantly changing and it’s helpful to know what it will look like in a years time. Selecting the right plants may save you money and will also ensure your garden becomes a sanctuary rather than a place requiring lots of maintenance. Please ask questions and bounce your own ideas around.  I’m there to be your sounding board and make suggestions, so you will end up with your perfect garden.

Once we decide on a layout, I will sketch up a basic plan for you to follow. Seeing your plan on paper can really help get you motivated as you can refer back to it for all the little details that we discuss during the consultation.  A breakdown of manageable stages can be included in the plan so that it isn’t overwhelming. I can also brief tradespeople if required and project manage the work.  A detailed landscape plan can be supplied if needed, with cost depending on the level of detail and size of the job.

frangipaniWhat about cost?

A consultation generally takes around 2+ hours and costs $220-250 within Byron Shire.
When consulting outside of Byron Shire I will give you an idea of cost before you make an appointment.
Sometimes a client wants additional services like Feng Shui advice, Energy Clearing or Preparing a property for sale and I am happy to provide any of these during the consultation. If we exceed two and a half hours, additional time is charged at $50.00 per hour  as it can be more cost effective for the Client than arranging another consultation at a later date. Lyn is also available for Project Management.



Consultation saves time and money….
“I was part way through an extensive rebuild of our main retaining wall and reconstruction of all outdoor areas when Lyn consulted with me.  She suggested changes to our plans that both reduced the price of the job and also led to a much more visually appealing result. I’m sure we would have saved even more time and money it we had spoken with her sooner. She was particularly helpful in so far as she was able to consider all aspects of the job, including cost, technical requirements, functionality, long-term durability and maintenance and aesthetics.  I was very impressed with her technical knowledge and understanding of building materials and processes, as well as her ability to clearly visualise the end result and how it would look when fully grown.  Next time I will be sure to consult with her prior to beginning the project!”
Dr. Jacky M (Suffolk Park)

Consultation turns dream into reality….
“I knew that our family wanted a lovely garden but I really didn’t know where to start. Lyn and I talked and what our family wanted, in terms of effect, plants and design, and upkeep. Lyn has a gift for listening, so that it felt like together we arrived at what our family wanted, with the aid of Lyn’s knowledge and imagination. She helped me to realise what we didn’t want as well as what we wanted. She helped me come up with a plan and drew it up to make it concrete. We have now carried out the plan and are delighted with the results. I highly recommend Lyn’s services.”
Geoff B (Mullumbimby)

Garden Design and Installation for a Special Celebration..
 “It is so exciting to have a shared vision with someone who knows how to make it happen 🙂
The Garden is fantastic – very happy with it – thankYOU!”
Dr. Kylie B (Suffolk Park)

Garden Design creates new possibilities…
“Thanks Lyn. This morning I woke up to the sheer beauty of  the light and colours.. I felt Like I was in a  magical world. Thanks for all your inspiration, our place feels very special now….”
Rachel Z (Ewingsdale)

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