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What clients are saying:

Consultation saves time and money….

“I was part way through an extensive rebuild of our main retaining wall and reconstruction of all outdoor areas when Lyn consulted with me. She suggested changes to our plans that both reduced the price of the job and also led to a much more visually appealing result. I’m sure we would have saved even more time and money it we had spoken with her sooner. She was particularly helpful in so far as she was able to consider all aspects of the job, including cost, technical requirements, functionality, long-term durability and maintenance and aesthetics. I was very impressed with her technical knowledge and understanding of building materials and processes, as well as her ability to clearly visualise the end result and how it would look when fully grown. Next time I will be sure to consult with her prior to beginning the project!”
Dr. Jacky M (Suffolk Park)

Consultation turns dream into reality….

“I knew that our family wanted a lovely garden but I really didn’t know where to start. Lyn and I talked and what our family wanted, in terms of effect, plants and design, and upkeep. Lyn has a gift for listening, so that it felt like together we arrived at what our family wanted, with the aid of Lyn’s knowledge and imagination. She helped me to realise what we didn’t want as well as what we wanted. She helped me come up with a plan and drew it up to make it concrete. We have now carried out the plan and are delighted with the results. I highly recommend Lyn’s services.”
Geoff B (Mullumbimby)

Garden Design & Installation for a Special Celebration…

“It is so exciting to have a shared vision with someone who knows how to make it happen 🙂 The Garden is fantastic – very happy with it – thankYOU!”
Dr. Kylie B (Suffolk Park)

Garden Design creates new possibilities…

“Thanks Lyn. This morning I woke up to the sheer beauty of the light and colours.. I felt Like I was in a magical world. Thanks for all your inspiration, our place feels very special now….”
Rachel Z (Ewingsdale)