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Garden renovations are always a stretch…





Your life is full and you love your rambling garden. One day you realise that the tree that shelters your favourite plants is dying. Summer is coming and you reluctantly decide it might be a good idea to remove the tree or cut back the deadwood.

Nothing will prepare you for such a big change. It’s going to be disruptive and messy and dusty for a while. If you sit on your hands wishing you’d never started you will face disappointment as your plants are overwhelmed by the heat and light they never had to cope with before.  It’s smarter to embrace the idea of change.  This is an opportunity to enliven those features that you love and remove the things that look wrong or out of place.  If you have no clue where to start it’s a good idea to call a professional to help clarify the path ahead.

Maybe you already have some idea of what you want and then it’s all about engaging the right people to bring your vision into creation within your budget. Perhaps you need to build a pergola to provide shade; maybe you’ll take the opportunity to do some paving or change the layout of a path. It might also be an opportunity to re-think the whole layout.

I know it’s disruptive because this is what happened to me recently. Gardens are a bit like houses in the sense that they need renovating every 15-20 years. The exciting part is that you will have different ideas about what you want. 15 years ago you may not have had the funds.  Perhaps you started planting without much thought about what things would be like when fully grown. This is an opportunity to be creative and reassert your sense of beauty in your private sanctuary.


Don’t be surprised to find more things that need doing once you start. You may find different areas of the garden need some attention as they simply don’t look like they belong anymore. Spend some time in the garden. Look at it with fresh interested eyes. Dream about the features you’d really enjoy. Within a few weeks it will be completed and you will be happy with the new look and feel of your garden.

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