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Revisiting the garden a few years down the track….

Last week I revisited a garden I had designed and implemented several years ago.
My initial delight at seeing how well the plants had grown was short lived. The grass was growing well and had thickened up after being reshaped and top dressed. Then I noticed trees had self-seeded into very inappropriate positions and had just been left to run riot and honeysuckle from the neighbouring property was twining its way through other well established plants. A key plant had died or been removed and its spot was taken up with herbs, and the main feature area was unrecognizable with bare ground and things just stuck into the now exposed soil.    Someone was obviously looking after this garden, but it seemed they had lost touch with its essence.  Later I realised that the property had been rented for several years and the owners had relied on tenants to take care of the garden.  It was a classic case of neglect. Had the owners scheduled the right sort of maintenance the garden would  have grown into maturity along the lines of their original vision, rather than drifting into the “neglected but still has good elements” category.

Having your garden designed is a wonderful way to create a special space with all the features and plants you love.  Plants do grow, gardens evolve and sometimes your needs change as well.  It’s smart and sensible to call for help when/if things start changing in ways that aren’t pleasing to you. Often it will be something simple like a hedge that should have been pruned regularly but has been let go, a tree that has grown impossibly large, the house may have been rented and garden neglected, or sick tree was replaced with something not very appropriate.
It’s good preventative medicine to think of your garden in the same way you would a family member……and call for assistance before things get too bad. That way your garden will keep giving you pleasure and enriching your life for many years to come.



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