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Small Veggie Patch

2012 is flying at record speed. Up here on the north coast it has brought lots of rain and humidity and has delayed the full on summer heat we often feel. It has been a great growing season for plants, although the veggie garden as had mixed fortunes. The climbing beans and cucumbers are loving it and the rocket survived. The bush beans and bok choy succumed to the plague of pests that followed the wet : slugs and grasshoppers. There’s only one thing to do when this happens and that’s pull them out, enrich the beds with compost and some good mulch and start again.

veggie patch

You may remember a few months ago I decided to double the size of my small veggie patch. It’s still small, however using trellis and bamboo sticks to make tripods is and easy way to use the vertical space. It’s amazing how much food a single vine will produce. A handfull of beans and a cucumber or two a day for weeks is a wonderful reward and they taste sensational.

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