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Springtime is time for a ‘Feng Shui’ spring clean

Having a birthday in Spring is very exciting because of the variety of beautiful flowers emerging with the warmer weather. I am lucky to have a pot of orchids which never fail to deliver flowers on my special day, and which continuing flowering for many weeks.


Beautiful flowers are all around, and if you take a walk through your local neighbourhood you may be pleasantly surprised by the visual treats you discover.




I have a friend who collects a handful of flowers during her morning walk and decorates her office with them to delight her throughout the day. What a lovely idea this is to stay in touch with the beauty and transience of the natural world.


Recently I was engaged to design a new path and front entrance (utilising feng shui principles) for friends. It was so lovely to see the positive impact that the changes made on a physical level, as well as their increased enjoyment and appreciation of their home that occurred as a result.

Our homes are often designed with very little attention to basic feng shui principles which serve to uplift us and increase our enjoyment of home.

front entranceThe front entrance makes such an impact on us and our visitors, mentally and emotionally.

Spring is also the time for spring cleaning and is a great time to do a big cleanup and energy cleanse.¬†Cleansing energy makes a tangible difference that your family and visitors will notice and it can help to revitalize a business premises as well. Give it a try…’s FUN!


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