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Summer is almost here….

Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I’m always a bit sad when it gives way to the hot days of Summer.  However, these next few weeks before the real summer heat arrives is a wonderful time to get out into the garden or veggie patch and do a little bit of work.worm farm & compost binTry emptying out the compost bin or maybe a tray of worm castings from the worm farm onto the veggie patch and you will be rewarded for your efforts.  If you don’t have either of those options available, you can always purchase some organic cow manure from the nursery. The warmer weather in combination with some good fertiliser in the form of compost will have plants jumping out of the ground in no time at all.

container veggiespots of herbslettuce in pots





If you don’t have the luxury of even a small garden, large pots or even polystyrene fruit/vegetable boxes will do the trick.  I’m such a fan of growing your own food. It mightn’t be practical to grown all that you need however even having lettuce and a few herbs will add vitality to your daily meals.


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