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Travelling back in time….

10th March, 2009
Autumn has arrived and there is discernable change in the air. There is mist in the valleys and a heavy dew on the grass. I really enjoy the shift from hot to cooler weather, although I will certainly miss those balmy mornings on the beach. Last week I ventured up to The Pinnacle. What an incredible place! It’s like being on top of the world and in the centre of a land time forgot.

lyn at Pinnacle


A tiny narrow bridge of land remains at the centre of a once active volcano, with 360 degree views including a
side of Mt Warning not often seen. The cattle grazing
below are mere dots in the landscape, and you can
make out slight differences in the foliage colours of the
trees. The scale of the landscape dwarfs man and it is
a truly humbling experience to stand in the middle of
this vastness and contemplate ones existence.

pinnacle land bridge

We visited a grove of ancient trees which had been standing in the same spot for more years than I could guess, covered with moss and all manner of ferns. Every square inch of the trees was teeming with life: moss, lichens, insects, bugs, birds, fungi and I daresay other things that were too disguised for my eyes to see. I stood with my hands resting on the tree trunk for a few minutes and felt a deep sense of calm and peace descend on me. I was surprised that I felt such movement and freedom from the tree, and I sensed that the tree was very well acquainted with every plant in the surrounding forest. Walking out of the shady grove I noticed a timber picnic table completely covered with moss. I was delighted to realised Nature was in the process of reworking modern man’s offerings and she was in fact far more resilient than we’d imagined.

grass treesmt warning

Spending time in wild places is a wonderful way to restore connection with ones soul nature. It enables us to put our lives into some sort of perspective, to realise the connection of all life on earth and we awake refreshed from our sleep. Of course not everyone will make it out into the wild, and the next best thing has got to be having your own wild patch of garden where you can just be, to see how nature does things. Tending to a garden can be a wonderful stress release, and offers much more in the form of flowers, foliage, fruit and veggies. The sound of wind through trees, or the delicate wafting of a flowery perfume on an afternoon breeze can not be over rated. Once we are connected with the natural world life does indeed take on a magical quality.

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