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Trip to Bali

I recently returned from a short trip to Bali where I spent a couple of weeks exploring gardens and courtyards.
It was great to see most of the plants in general use over there are the very same ones we enjoy here in the sub tropics. Granted, they do grow a bit differently due to climatic and soil differences, however we are lucky to have a climate where it is possible to create a Balinese style garden.

Whilst there I made a study of the “compound”….which is roughly about the same size as a suburban block. I returned full of enthusiasm and inspiration for recreating some of the more wonderful aspects of these compounds into our suburban landscape. House and garden as inseperable over there. A garden creates ambiance, a restful oasis amidst the noise, traffic of the outside world. Once you enter a balinese compound you are transported to a magical place that is restful, beautiful and very pleasurable to spend time in. I don’t have an empty block of land to recreate this however, so am doing what I can within the parameters of my small already built on block.

Here are some pics of beautiful, inspiring courtyards. Yes, they use water a lot. It not only creates great ambience but also masks noises from the world outside the compound walls.



bali courtyard


With the current trend in housing to build larger and larger houses on smaller and smaller blocks of land….I would love to turn things upside down. I think it is time to rethink the way we live in suburbia. There is a way we can have privacy, quietness and lessen our impact on our neighbours. The Balinese compound is an awesome example of just how simple it is. So, if you are thinking of building a home or revamping your space to make it more enjoyable to live in, please give me a call. I would love the opportunity to assist in creating something very beautiful.

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