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Year of the Rat and a trip west of the divide

26th February, 2008
The Year of the Rat has had me traveling again. I drove west, across the mountains and onto the slopes of plains of New South Wales to visit my parents near Inverell. The countryside was surprisingly green, with full dams and lush crops in the paddocks. The colours were delightful and I couldn’t resist the pale yellow, orange and green of the sorghum fields. Thunderbolts Lookout is a large outcrop of granite boulders and is a local landmark. The bush ranger Thunderbolt camped there according to my grandfather.

sorghum fieldrocky outcrop



Away from the coast the colours seem softer. The exquisite pattern of this Canna Leaf caught my eye in a friends garden. They grown well in a range of climatic zones and are certainly a treat for the eye.

canna leaf

I came home laden with beautiful organic veggies, including beans, rock melon, figs, potatoes, garlic, zucchini and carrots.

It’s great to be back near the ocean once again….and eating such
wonderful fresh and delicious food! We have had even more rain on the coast and it has seen me weeding and trimming the shrubs that grow so quickly when rainfall is abundant.

It’s certainly been a wetter than usual start to the year, and it’s great to hear that the big river systems are getting some water into them and that the birds are breeding along the flood plains.
Time seems to be slipping away also with almost two months of the year gone.
I wonder what adventures March will bring?

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